SSG Alyssa A. O’Donnell

Manchester, NH
Manchester Storefront,
655 South Willow St,
Manchester, NH 03103

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    SSG Alyssa A. O’Donnell

    Manchester, NH

    How long have you been in:  8 years

    Why did you enlist: College Money and Adventure

    Why did you become a recruiter: To help young adults create a career path- whether or not it be college or working and use the Guard to help them become successful.

    Description of yourself including: I am currently going to UNH, studying Health and Physical Education and have 2 courses left until I get my free degree. I am an avid CrossFitter and have a passion for races and competitions. My daughter is 3 years old and my dog is 7 months. I hope to do 20 or more years full time in the NH Army National Guard.

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