SSG Christopher Demain

Concord, NH

SSG Demain
1 Minuteman Way
Concord, NH 03301

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SSG Christopher Demain

Concord, NH

How long have you been in:  10 Years

Why did you enlist: I joined to help protect my country and community. I knew that in order to be a part of the big picture of protecting and providing support to both country and community, the Army National Guard was the path for me.

Why did you become a recruiter: I became a recruiter because I wanted to help those looking for a path to success, not only see or hear that the ARNG could provide this, but give them my story and end up making their own success story while being a part of our organization.

Description of yourself including: I have always been the kind of person to put others before myself. I have a “go getter” mentality and will stop at nothing until all tasks are completed. One thing I always say is Get After it! That “it” is your goals, dreams and tasks at hand. Don’t stop until it’s completed and you are satisfied. That’s who I am and I will always Stay After It! I am here for you!

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