SSG Cassandra Brown

15 Blackwater Road,
Somersworth, NH 03878

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    SSG Cassandra Brown


    How long have you been in:  Since 2013 or 6.5 years

    Why did you enlist: When I was in high school it was pushed upon me to go to college and I followed that plan. My senior year of  college I still felt like I was missing something and serving in the military was a goal I had not achieved yet. I discovered that the National Guard was a part time organization, which allowed me continue accomplishing my goal to become a Police Officer, but also allowed me to serve in the military. Joining the Guard also provided me the experience needed to get hired as a Police Officer. I have loved all the doors it has opened for me and the financial stability it has given me.

    Why did you become a recruiter: I became a recruiter in order to talk to students who were like myself – they wanted to serve, but did not want to go full time active duty. I love helping others achieve their life and career goals and showing them that the Guard can help you do that.

    Description of yourself including:  I am 28 years old and have grown up and went to school in the Seacoast Area. Before becoming a recruiter I worked as a Police Officer in Concord, NH and now work part time for Madbury Police Department. I love helping others and serving in my community. I am married with two shibainu dogs! If I am not recruiting, I love to play soccer, hike and go snowboarding. If you are looking to learn more about the opportunities the guard can provide for you feel free to text, call or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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