801 McGee Drive, Portsmouth, NH 03801

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    SFC Jason M. Collins

    Portsmouth, NH

    How long have you been in:  16 Years

    Why did you enlist: Honest answer…A lot of my friends dropped out of high school and started doing dumb stuff, so I wanted to get away before I fell down the same path, build a better life for myself. I stay in because of what the Army has allowed to do, the life it has helped me make.

    Why did you become a recruiter: Became a Recruiter to share the knowledge and experiences with the younger generation that may be in a similar situation as I was my senior year in high school, to hopefully make them realize it doesn’t end there. A new life can be built, and not to be afraid to turn down the dirt road to see where it goes.

    Description of yourself including: Hockey fan, still play a few times a week. I like to build various things. Don’t like dirty windows. I’ll never shave my head. Always wear my seatbelt. Love motorcycles. Love hiking. Love fishing. Hate running, but I do it. Want to learn to fly a helicopter. I don’t care about long walks on the beach. Can’t wait to grow a beard when I retire. I’m an Alicia Keys fan. Favorite color is red. Favorite animal is a mountain lion or tiger. Love my lawn. I think I could beat a chimp in a fight. Enjoy helping others achieve their goals. Active duty prior to enlisting in the NG. Multiple deployments to Iraq an AFG. Been a Recruiter for 2 ½ years. Seacoast Team Leader.

    Army awards and achievements

    SSG Jason M. Collins.

    Strafford, NH