Step 01 - Qualification and Processing

During this part of the process; you and your recruiter will work together to gather all the required information and documentation to process you for enlistment. You will also take an ASVAB score prediction test to give you and your Recruiter a clear indication of what you will score on the ASVAB.

Begin collecting original versions of your social security card, birth certificate, drivers licence, and any other identification documents.

Step 02 - Military Entrance Processing Station

The Military Entrance Processing Station is the Physical location where the Department of Defense will conduct a series of tests and screenings to confirm your eligibility to serve in a branch of the Armed Forces.
This is traditionally a two day process:

The ASVAB is done the night prior to your processing day.
The processing day will consist of a medical physical, drug screening, and once you have cleared these screenings you will complete your contract.


No matter what branch of service you decide to serve with, you automatically incur an 8 year Military Service Obligation (MSO). This is Federal Law in the United States for all initial enlistments.

This 8 year MSO includes serving time in an active status and inactive status. Active Service is the period of time you are actively serving in the National Guard. Inactive Service is a period of time served in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). You can enlist for 3 or 6 years, and then serve the remainder of your MSO in the IRR. Personnel in the IRR do not serve with a unit, but agree to remain available for military service in the event of a national emergency that requires more Soldiers than are currently available in the active ranks.

Your contract obligation starts the day of enlistment. This includes the time from MEPS to when you ship to training.

Enlistment Process at NHARNG

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