Bill Kicker

Montgomery GI Bill® "Kicker"

What Is It?

The GI Bill Kicker is an incentive given upon enlistment/reenlistment that adds an additional education payment to attract Soldiers to specific units, skills, or positions to meet and sustain ARNG readiness requirements.

How Do I Qualify?


  • Non-prior service applicants (enlisted only); 50 or higher on ASVAB (CAT IIIA or higher), agree to serve in a critical skill/critical unit.
  • Prior service applicants (enlisted only); 50 or higher on ASVAB (CAT IIIA or higher), MOS qualified, E-7 or below, and enlist in an MTOE or medical unit.
  • Currently serving enlisted Soldiers; served between 3 and 14 years in the ARNG, SFC or below.
  • Officer commissioning program; ROTC/SMP, OCS, WOC, must contract prior to commissioning.
  • Currently serving officers up to one year after commissioning

Basic Criteria:

  • Be eligible for the MGIB-SR/Chapter 1606 or MGIB-AD/Chapter 30s
  • Complete Initial Active Duty for Training (IADT) or Basic Officer Leadership Couse (BOLC).
  • Sign a six-year enlistment contract or Officer Service Agreement (OSA) or extend to have six years on their contract and meet all other relevant criteria in the current SRIP policy.

Additional Criteria:

  • Have an Honorable discharge from all previous periods of service.
  • Be actively serving in the ARNG, not assigned to the Inactive National Guard (ING) or Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).
  • Not be in Military Technician, AGR, or Active Duty Status. o Not be flagged for unsatisfactory participation
  • Not on a Dedicated ARNG ROTC Scholarship (Reference: Title 10 USC 2107).